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I have been nervous about approaching studying Revit. I am away from New York and I desperately want to learn Revit so that I can stay creative and learn new skills. After messing around on the computer I have finally found a great resource to learn Revit at home. I want to share this link for anyone interested So far I have listened to two classes and I am making the model. Its so exciting for me! I hope to be able to complete this model and begin working on my own ideas.

If you read this and know other good sources for Revit education please leave a comment with the link.


Leather and meat without killing animals

In news brief on September 20, 2013 at 4:02 pm

Leather and meat without killing animals

Not so long ago I would have said to a client

‘if you want a leather wall it must have seams, because a cow hyde is only as big as the cow’

but it seems in the near future this can be done, and done without the killing of animals. In the TED talk Andras Forgacs, discusses the reality or growing leather and meat. In the design world, manufacturing leather opens up many possibilities. I find this a wonderful concept because the process and products have potential to be humane, beautiful, and sustainable. This, as described by Andras Forgacs, will be made without killing animals. The material can be grown/made into the shape and size desired eliminating waste from the final product. 

Imagine leather manufactured near you! Seemingly everyone saves

  • animals are not killed or hurt
  • planet resources are not used in raising animals for leather
  • product made locally (if manufacturing open up throughout the world)
  • product can be customized to meet client/project requirements
  • product can be made into various thickness, color, pattern, size and be consistent through the entire material
  • the leather hand, elasticity, durability and breathability.

What can some other benefits be? What can be the downfalls?

Time will tell. For now I look forward to using man made natural leather!

Coffee and mushrooms!

In news brief on April 28, 2012 at 9:42 pm

Who could have thought collecting used coffee grounds?
I came across this website. The founders of the company Back To The Roots have come us with a great product that does two things. They are reusing coffee grounds and growing mushrooms at the same time. On the website they say that their product is sold in Whole Foods, I would like to try to grow my own mushrooms. There may be something about seeing this happen right before your eyes that can push my family to think and be more sustainable!

This seems to be a great easy was to be involved especially when people begin to look at how coffee can be reused to grow mushrooms. What else can we reuse? What else can we do on a day to day basis that is better? This product is very innovative and inspiring. I hope it will push me, my family and friends to live a less impact full life!

P.S. Can’t wait to try the mushrooms!